Saturday, May 18, 2013

King-size Panipuri Break!

Crunchy, spicy, tangy and everything else in between.. instant mood lifter and an all-weather street food!That's Panipuri for me (aka golgappas, phuchkas). Perfect weather and some out-of-this-world panipuri - what more could one ask for on a Sunday evening?! Like always I find myself thanking the one who first thought of making these yummy 'puris', stuffing them with 'masala' and adding tangy 'paani' :) 

What does a foodie like me do when she finds a panipuri wala offering not one, two, but six drool-worthy flavours/paani?!!Well I relish every flavour once, and then go for another round of my favourites of the lot. High time I told you the flavours - Pudina (my favourite), Mirchi (this one's a livewire, with real chilly pieces daring you!), Zeera, Heeng, Khatta and finally the Meetha with a huge twist. Such interesting innovation just bowled me over. 

And now the twist - there's a flavor-of-the-day for the Meetha paani!! So far I've tasted 'Mirinda' and 'Guava'  and they just rocked - then there's pineapple one day and mango too. Talk about choices!!
This ever-smiling and delightful Panipuri-wala can be found at Raja Park (opposite AC Market), Jaipur between 5:00-8:00pm.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

The 'Khichdi' That Rocks
'Khichdi' always brings to mind the days when one has to give the tummy a rest and refrain from all things yummy. Well this version of khichdi changes all that - the Sabudana Khichdi tastes great and is an interesting amalgamation of sweet n sour flavors. More popular as a 'vrat' (fasting) food, the sabudana khichdi has rightfully earned preferred street-food status in Indore, the city of foodies.
I had the best ever 'sabudana khichdi' in Indore's famed Sarrafa Bazaar which magically turns from a jewlery market by day to food-lovers' haven by night. At one end of the Sarrafa market, you'll find a well-branded 'thela' of sabudana khichdi - Shri Sanwariya Seth sabudana khichdi, complete with the photograph of the man who created this popular brand!


 On this small thela, the seemingly bland tapioca pearls (sabudana) are transformed into a spicy, and very yummy, street food delight. The bhaiyya at the thela adds just the right amount of selected namkeens, spices, nimbu and fresh coriander to make the perfect khichdi for you.

 Though there is a hint of sweet taste in the sabudana khichdi, it's spicy and tangy enough to keep you interested and asking for more! All across Indore there are many more sabudana khichdi thelas, but those stamped by Sanwariya Seth (with his photograph) are unquestionably the best. 

That's enough food for thought, err thought for food, for one day I guess :)

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Ah, the smell of a new city...

The Spice Route

The life that I’ve come to love, is the one that takes me to newer places every few years - the sights and sounds of a new city, the world of possibilities that await me - and the chance to meet and bond with new people gives me immense happiness.

It is intriguing that as much as I’m interested in knowing a new place and what it has in store for me, I’m thrilled by the possibility of discovering new and amazing foods to eat. No, it’s not restaurant menus that tingle my tastebuds, it’s the humble street food that entices me. The road side sandwich and coffee kiosk, or the special aloo chaat & sabudana khichdi 'thelas', and of course the omnipresent gastronomical delight, golgappas (panipuri/phuchkas)!

This is a journey that I’ve been tempted to make for so long. The Spice Route is all the sights and smells that make me drool. The simple yet most amazing street foods of India that beat any restaurant food hands-down, line this very special route. Street food is so much a part of the character and cultural fabric of any city, allowing a traveler to delve & dive into the special tastes, spices and aromas of the place.

The Spice Route is for those to take, whose travel itineraries keep aside time to find, taste and savour each city's street food delights! Those who know that nothing peps them up more than a shot of that special panipuri, or a dig into that yummy aloo-tikki! If you’re game to hunt down the best street-side chaat, kachoris, pakodas, pao-bhaji & lots more, you're welcome aboard!